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Jewelry should…

empower the woman;

enhance a woman’s style and
attitude; feisty or subdued;    

elevate a woman’s sophistication;
simplistic or intricate. 

Every piece of fine jewelry should be a timeless accessory that perfectly complements every trend, while also having its own intimate story to tell. JEN INSARDI possesses a unique design sensibility that she meticulously translates into her exquisite jewelry designs. Each piece carries an impassioned narrative behind its composition, capturing a specific mood or emotion at the time of its inception. This mood is artfully embedded in the visual movement that every piece evokes, ranging from romantic to fierce, captivating the eye with its beauty and allure.

JEN thrives on getting her hands dirty. Her creative process goes beyond simply putting pencil to paper; she seeks inspiration and brings her concepts to life by fastidiously carving out the wax herself for many of her pieces. It is through this hands-on approach that she crafts intricate and harmonious pieces. Every curve and angle are deliberate, carefully calculated for visual impact. While working on paper has its limitations, working with wax as a medium allows JEN to fully explore and refine every surface of her creations, elevating her awareness and mastery of her art.

After years of immersing herself in the corporate world, JEN’s long standing passion for design surpassed all other future priorities. JEN embarked on her design journey at Parsons School of Design in New York City, with a discipline in interior design. It was at Parsons where JEN fearlessly pushed the boundaries of her creativity, embracing both failures and successes that ultimately shaped her unique artistic voice. She further refined her design skills at the Fashion Institute of Technology, honing her ability to bring her visions to life with her own hands.  Simultaneously pursuing her passion for interior design by renovating homes with an investment focus, JEN dedicated herself to developing her fine jewelry line and crafting custom pieces for clients. JEN’s exquisite jewelry designs offer a glimpse into her personal journal, each piece exuding her authentic voice and revealing her innermost thoughts. Every creation tells a story, yet the narrative does not end once the piece is complete. JEN believes that the story takes on a new life and continues as the piece finds its new owner, creating an intriguing plot that fuels her creative drive.

JEN INSARDI is based in her most adored playground, NYC. Accompanied by her husband and three equally adventurous little ones, she embraces the thrill of exploration. When JEN is not in NYC, she can be found somewhere lost in the globe, absorbing the infinite surrounding cultures, and of course, at some foodie destination.  All providing plenty of fascinating journal entries…

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